Quality management
       Development history
   2010-2011 Development history

2011 February, established Department of career of Taobao, Tai Cheng car goods flagship store in online transactions in full swing

In 2011 May, on the" Taizhou city supplies automotive industry association" member units

In 2011 August, part of the company's products in government procurement of goods

In 2010 February, the company introduced the international popularity of the 6S site management methods, and the introduction of advanced management system

2010 October, won the" Taizhou city supplies automotive industry association" member units Honor

In 2010 December, the customer end you will be held smoothly

   2008-2009 Development history

In 2009 June, the company to the rapid development of the situation to enter the domestic market, the establishment of the Taizhou City Tai Cheng Electronic Technology Company Limited

In 2009 September, the company through CE certification

In 2009 July, the company won the" China famous brand" title

In 2009, the production company of intelligent vehicle cup through the ROHS XRF report of detection

In 2008 March, the company incorporated

2008, founder Wu Hairong invented " vehicle intelligent cold and hot cup was awarded the" utility model patent certificate

In 2008 December, company scale of production expands, the relocation of side streets Industrial Park

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