Quality management
       Development history

The selection of dealers Tai Cheng 6 big reasons

1, years of focus on the automotive supplies industry, technology is mature, stable product quality, well-market test

2, the product won the patent certification and ROHS / CE certification, marketing efforts

3, the product profit space is reasonable, strong operability

4, channel support strong, professional sales staff assistance, counseling to carry out regional marketing and promotional work

5, investors specialty line of business, the company intends to build automotive supplies" one-stop" base

6, model good marketing, has developed a number of fixed consumer groups

Tai Cheng choose distributor 6 assessment

In 1, the dealer identity Tai Cheng business philosophy, do do greatly strong desire

2, dealers in the stage of rapid development, has more than 3 people and stability of the sales team

3, office, warehousing and distribution capacity

4, dealers have a mature sales network

5, the industry sales experience preferred; and hand distribution automotive supplies industry brands not exceeding 2

6, good information, with advanced management and business ideas

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